Association Investment Partners: Venture capitalist for the sector

Association Investment Partners: Venture capitalist for the sector

Association Investment Partners: Venture capitalist for the sector

Association Investment Partners (AIP) believes its namesake sector is poised to innovate, grow and thrive in this “fourth industrial revolution.”

Founded to serve as a financial catalyst for the rebounding sector, and with $35 million available, AIP has already identified potential investments within organizations and is ready to engage on both sides of the Atlantic.

“AIP allows associations to monetize their key event assets and get new funding to restore their reserves or invest in transformation/new services,” Robin Lokerman, Managing Partner, AIP / Group President, MCI, told USAE. “We offer a full solution from strategic advice to capital investment and support in execution through our strategic partnership with MCI.”

He went onto say. “So far we raised $35 million from several European family offices and private equity funds. They are IMPACT Investors, who besides a financial return, want to make a positive IMPACT on society, they want to stay anonymous and invest collectively through AIP. We have explained them the great work associations do and created the first investment fund targeting associations.”

The process commences with associations providing information on operating budgets, staff size, annual event status, scope of operations and areas of need. They include: financial investment, board and leadership assessment, geographic growth mergers and acquisition support, strategic consulting, community development, event management an

d growth and more. From there Lokerman said a dialogue begins to identify the investment potential. Rasheeda Childress provides an example in ASAE’s Association’s Now. An association who wanted the fund to invest cash in its tradeshow would first provide financials for the event to AIP. The AIP board would consult on the data, which is completely confidential. If the AIP board approves an investment, the asset is carved out.

“All of our services in the association world are going through an evolution and a transformation,“ Lokerman said.

“We are looking for the association that has a financial need or financial desire to identify a product they have, and with us, create a strategy to hep that product grow and evolve in a new world.

“We want the associations to stay fully independent and stay mission driven, therefore we take a minority stake (20-30%) and the association has the right to buy back our stake after five years,” Lokerman told USAE.

Lokerman said AIP currently has two clients under the letter of intent and is in conversations with nine more. All investments are still subject to due diligence and it is the organization’s aim to invest in 20 associations over the next 18 months; 10 in Europe and 10 in the US.

In addition to Lokerman the faces behind AIP include: Velma R. Hart, COO, CSI – Construction Specifications Institute; Galen A. Poss, CEM, Vice Chairman, dmg events; Alessandro Jacques Cortese, CEO, European Society for Radiotherapy and Oncology; Kai Troll, President & CEO, ASSOCIATIONWORLD.

“AIP see the potential in associations, that is why we invest,” the organization said. “To drive true innovation, we design models, strategies, and solutions around your organization. We spot your opportunities, then implement them with you. To innovate, grow, and thrive - get in touch now.”

Written by Todd McElwee

Source: Mag Titane

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